About Us

Welcome to the Alabama Association of Colleges and Employers! We are a consortium of cooperative education, career services and employers. Membership in this organization provides significant networking opportunities that will benefit your students, your future employees as well as your own professional development.


To provide counsel, direction, and service to the community, businesses, and students in striving to develop a productive, motivated, and competent workforce.


Industry and education in partnership to promote a competent and productive workforce.


The Alabama College Placement Association (ACPA) was organized in 1976 to bring college and placement/career services offices together with employers for personal growth and development and to link students with employers. Realizing that the Alabama Co-op Education Association (ACEA) had similar goals, these organizations merged in 1987 to form the Alabama College Co-op and Placement Association (ACCPA). ACCPA operated as a network of educational institutions, businesses, industries, and government agencies working together to help Alabama’s college graduates embark upon successful careers. At the 1996 Summer Conference, ACCPA adopted a name change in support of and cooperation with the national and regional associations. The new name is the Alabama Association of Colleges and Employers (AACE), a consortium of cooperative education, career services, and employers. Our motto “Industry and education in partnership” is still working!

Membership in a professional organization like AACE provides information on employment opportunities for students and graduates of our colleges and universities and it helps promote high standards of work and ethical practices. The contact with other professionals, the meetings, workshops and conferences, add to the personal growth and professional development of AACE members.